Social Media Strategy – The Basics

Social Media Strategy.

In today’s internet driven world where most people are connect through some form of social media, it’s very important to have a social media strategy that represents your brand and business. So where to start? Personally I would start with the platform that suits best or a combination of platforms. Each has its benefits and it’s a personal preference with what your familiar with and like using. There is no point using Twitter if you just don’t get it. Most people use a number of platform so if your promoting your business on a couple of platforms you will be getting your message out there.

A good strategy starts with SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time based. Like all strategy’s you should start with defining clear goals that are in line with your business values. For long term success on social media you should choose goals that are based on traffic, leads and sales.

If you are already using social media you should take note of followers, activities and engagement to see what is working for you. Also check that all links are working within each profile. If your business isn’t currently represented on social media, your first step is to decide which platforms are most beneficial for your business. Invite customers to complete a quick survey to understand their demographic and preferred content and social media channels. Look into what your competitors are doing on social media. Do they have a large social media footprint? What content gets an emotional response from their followers? Do some analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and let that guide your social media strategy.

Your strategy should include:

Types of content you will post and promote
Frequency of sharing
Engagement plan
Target audience for each type of content
Content execution plan
Content promotion plan

You should evaluate your social media goals, target audience, and campaigns weekly or monthly. Think about what content you can share across various channels that will support your business objectives and represent your brand.

Before you get to comfortable with your content, check your analytics often to see how your social campaign or content is performing. Most likely, your audience prefers a variety of original content combined with relevant, trending posts. What worked well to reach your goals? What didn’t work? What is your goal for the next campaign? What changes do you need to make?

When you have a general understanding of what resonates with your audience and supports your goals, you can start to fine-tune your social media strategy as a result. Re-write your content strategy based on your analysis and update goals as you meet them. Revising your strategy is an ongoing process. Use analytics and feedback to steer you through updates and feedback to guide you through updating your strategy.

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