Tips for getting customer reviews.

Tips for getting customer reviews.

Having customer reviews on your website is key to adding credibility to your website and your brand. It is also an important piece of your online marketing strategy. Good reviews establish trust in potential customers, help to spread the word and increase conversion rates.

Tips to build your customer reviews.

Exceed expectations.

Providing  an exceptional customer experience is the number one rule in laying the foundations for getting great reviews. Give people that little bit extra, go above and beyond with your customer service and your customers will have no problem writing you a good review.

Not about you, but potential customers.

Customers will read reviews to help them decide whether to use your service or purchase one of your products. Give customers the opportunity to help other people. So the value of their customer review is  about the benefit that it offers other people who are looking for honest feedback about your products or services.

The review should be about finding out if the customer was satisfied with their purchase and their interaction with your service. Express your thanks and say how sharing their experience can benefit others. When you take a personal approach customers will be more likely to leave a reviews.

Tell us what you think.

Have a ‘tell us what you think’ section on one of your web pages that lead to your social media platforms. This can be a great way to get reviews on social media. Offers links directly to any feedback platforms that you are using. Don’t forget to include a link to your Facebook business page.

Having links to leave a review in any communications you send to your customers, such as an invoice, newsletters or follow up marketing. Giving their feedback is never more than a click away.

Ask Again.

Ask customers for their feedback a couple of months later. People may have a better appreciation of your product or service over time. Their input could be more valuable then, then it was on the day of the transaction.

Include a link to make the process as easy as possible. Make note of any problems they may have had, and offer to correct the issue. Excellent customer service is the best way to keep your customers and keep them happy.

No Review yet.

People are often hesitant to be the first person to leave a review. If your business has no reviews, reach out to existing customers who you have an excellent relationship with and ask for their help.

Be patient. Great reviews don’t come flooding in overnight. Building a solid online reputation is a process. The number one way to grow your business is to provide a quality product and excellent customer service. If you are consistently meeting those goals, then the positive customer reviews will reflect that in time.


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