A Blog is a key way to drive traffic to your website.

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Blogs are by far one of the best ways to drive website traffic to your site. Whether you are writing for you own blog, guest blogging for someone else or part of a blog community or networks, every website on the internet should engage in some form of blogging. To drive the most traffic to your site, we suggest you engage in all forms of it. Blogging also increases your SEO by keeping your website live in the eye’s of the search engines.  Here are different ways you can use blogs to drive traffic to your website.

Start Your Own Blog – The potential for blogging is massive and many websites have taken up this task as a way to attract many viewers to their website. The additional content helps websites rank better on search engines and it gives the viewers something new to look at. Blog posts can be easily shared via social media sites which will drive more people to see your site on a regular basis. Keep up the blogging and you will see a definite increase in monthly visitors.

Guest Blogging – Guest Blogging is an extremely powerful tool for anyone looking to increase their website traffic. This is in essence going to someone else’s popular blog and putting your link on their site. Their regular subscribers and readers will see your link and hopefully follow it to your site. However, you can’t simply put your link in the comment box and call it a day. You have to write a blog post yourself, send it to the blogger, and hopefully he or she will agree to publish it with a link to your website.

Accept Guest Blog Posts – Just as guest blogging receives extra views, so does allowing others to guest post on your blog. Generally, the author of the guest blog will share this post via several different methods like social media. Their viewers then come to your site, and if they like it, they will become a subscriber or regular visitor as well.

Commenting on Blogs– Try commenting on relevant blogs that have similar topics as your website. If you find a place where a link to your website is appropriate, drop a link in their comments. Avoid coming off as spam by adding a quality comment of your opinion or advice to the blog you are visiting. Other commenter’s and readers will hopefully follow your link to your own site. Many blogs put a nofollow on their comment sections, so Google will not be able to index your link. Blog commenting does, however, make you a more recognisable presence on the web. Even if you can’t put an index link in your comment, responding to blog posts is a good idea.

Blog Directories – A blog directory can help you in many ways. It is easy, free and straightforward to submit to blog directories. By getting your blog URL in a directory, the opportunity for other blogs to connect with yours is greater. Submitting your blog to categories and subcategories that are relevant to your niche or business will provide you with quality website traffic. When you submit your blog URL, you build up your backlink quality. This allows you to rank higher for certain keywords in search engines. There are a lot of free blog directories out there just waiting for you to submit. They will boost your website traffic and your SEO.

Blog Networks / Communities – Blogger communities are basically made to allow bloggers, marketers, and guest bloggers to connect with each other. If your business needs quality links to build up your SEO efforts, it is possible to connect with a blogger on one of these communities to write a product review or publish a blog post on their blog with your name and URL. Some blog networks allow the exchanging of guest posts, links, or even advertisements for free or for a small fee. Increasing your backlinks is easy to do with guest posts, and blog networks make it even easier.

Have a look here: BlogDash, Blogger LinkUp, MyBlogGuest

Blogging Live – Blogging live is another way that people will possibly see and want to share your blog with others. If you are attending a conference or a launch, a live blogging piece should be considered. This is popular trend among technology related industries as lots of people want to know what is being revealed or what big news there is at the event. The fresher the content, the more popular it is. Try a live blog and see if it attracts any new viewers.

If your website does not have a blog, then you should probably consider adding one. Talk to us today about adding a blog to your current website.


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