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There are loads of social media platform out there. You can utilise them for your Social Media Strategy. Make the most of them to increase traffic to your site and get your brand or business noticed. I have put together 5 tips to help you navigate your way through some of the most popular social media sites and help with your social media campaign.

Social media sites have made it very easy for many people to quickly share a lot of information By utilising social media to the fullest level, you can generate a interest in your company and your website. Create interesting content, post often, share others’ posts often and see how much traffic you can drive to your site.

LinkedIn – The best way to take advantage of LinkedIn is by being active in groups. You can either create a group (maybe about your website niche) or engage in an existing one to spread the word about your site. If you’ve written a blog post about one of the topics being discussed, add a link!

Twitter – Follow people related to your industry and start tweeting! People won’t follow a brand new account if it hasn’t tweeted anything yet. Start out by retweeting popular figures in the industry, mix in some tweets about your website with links, and start conversations with other followers.

Facebook – Build up your Facebook page! There are nearly a billion users of this social network so be sure you are focusing a significant amount of your efforts on Facebook. This is a good place to build your brand with images and cover photos. Give users a call to action and include a link to your site.

Pinterest – This growing social media network allows you to share images from your website with a helpful description. If other users like it, they can click on it and go to your URL. They can also re-pin something onto their profile as well. The sharing aspect of this network is immense! Pinterest is also unique in that most of its content is indexed by Google.

Google+ – Start off by building up your public circles and joining relevant Google+ Communities. This will increase the number of people adding you into their own circles as well. You can then share links on your +1 account from other important web pages, just like you would on Facebook. Like many other social networking sites, the more you post the more traffic you get.

Tumblr –Tumblr is a great resource for getting that extra boost in traffic. The Exciting thing about Tumblr is, some of the links are dofollow, meaning that they can build your link authority on your website. Not only that, but it is easy to share content on Tumblr. Re blogging something will spread your reach even further, providing more back links and more ways to get to your website.

So now you have the basics it’s time to start sharing your content. Content is so important make sure that it is engaging  When you create the content yourself, you’re showing people that you have a skill, that you are knowledgeable about your industry. It also shows that you are an active participator in online conversations and that you are interesting.

Any questions on putting a social media campaign together for your website or any of the above platforms feel free to comment or contact us and I’ll get back to you.

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